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About Skin Muk

Skin Muk is a Sustainable, Organic & Vegan Skincare brand made with a conscience.
We make skin care that is effective and targeted with results greater than the big bang!

All made on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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I’m Serenity, gym junkie, foodie and glowy dewy skin obsessed!

I grew up in New Zealand with fond memories of time well spent in nature, a typical kiwi girl in the bush with no care for SPF. An avid teenage runner, I was always braving the elements. Coming home with chapped lips and blisters became my normal weekend ritual.

Fast forward to the many late nights of my 20’s, I soon discovered the world of make-up!


About Skin Muk

If only we knew what the universe had in store for us! The discovery that beauty products aren’t actually that beautiful was mind blowing for us . Once we realised that our favourite cosmetics contained harsh chemicals there was no avoiding fate.

For instance, Our philosophies are harmonious with living a happy and vibrant life by providing authentic and vegan skin care solutions. In other words all women deserve to feel amazing in the skin they are in without the harmful side effects.

Our products contain:

  • No parabens
  • Zero endocrine disruptors
  • Free of artificial colors and fragrances
  • Alcohol Free
  • Not one drop of petrochemicals

Skin Muk have developed a minimalist brand that is clean and sophisticated but also show cases our inner space geek!


Skin Muk is primarily produced from natural ingredients, and we only use plant oils, plant and herbal extracts where possible. Above all, We choose our suppliers carefully and seek targeted certified vegan ingredients.

The mild scent of our products are derived exclusively from vegan essential oils, which are extracted from plants and are therefore natural.

Since our products are natural and vegan, the color of the products may vary, which depends on the weather and conditions of the individual ingredients that we use.

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    Our products have no hidden nasties, nothing synthetic or toxic, just pure nutrient rich ingredients sourced from plants. This is why you will fall in love with our products like so many other beauties .

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    Organic Products From Planet Earth

    We adore reconnecting with nature ensuring our ingredients are sourced for their active components. Fruit, botanicals,  herbs and nuts are full of  anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins that have the ability to nourish, protect and renew our skin.

    We believe self care is the ultimate indulgence which we balance in our formulations, We stay true to our ethos that every ingredient should directly and only benefit the skin and give you glowing skin naturally.

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