does natural skincare work

Natural Australian Skincare underline

This babe has made some incredible changes!

Since the end of January this beauty has been using our Cassiopeia organic facial oil and Moon Dust Zeolite Powder Mask.

We recommended she use an oil cleanser as well as a Niacinamide serum to help calm down redness and minimise pores!

Consistency is key, allow yourself at least 28 days when you transition to a new skin care regime.

Safe to say these small changes are a great improvement 🙌

Our client has had a serious glow up from consistently using Cosmic Dust. A brighter and more even skin tone with a reduction in pigmentation has breathed fresh life into this babes skin. You can visibly tell the high vitamin C content thanks to Kakadu Plum has restored her natural glow. Keep up the fantastic work beautiful

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