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Skin Muk strives to create the best Vegan, Organic & Natural Australian Skincare products and the best vegan facial oils. Try our Cassiopeia Organic Facial Oil today, named after the vain queen in Greek Mythology, is a constellation in the northern sky. Cassiopeia often boasted about her unrivalled beauty so we will too! We doubt you will find a vegan facial oil as beautiful as this one. This 5-star constellation hosts some of the most luminous stars known, just like her ingredients, Cassiopeia is sure to make you glow. When applied to your face, this stellar blend of argan, apricot and jojoba oil may help protect against sun damage, reduce signs of ageing, control oily skin and keep your skin well hydrated in which you find out more on our blog how to use facial oils. This pairs beautifully with Pink Nebula or Star Dust or if you want to just give is a try you can go for the Celestial Mini Set

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